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Remus & Marlene || Fortunate Friends

Marlene shuffled around the apartment, digging into the still-packed boxes of Sirius’ clothes, looking for something to lend Remus. The full moon was approaching again and she wasn’t sure if he had done his laundry yet, which meant it was probably safer if she to bring him a change of clean clothes, just in case. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe or trust him to take care of himself, but it was a friendly gesture she felt compelled to make. During Hogwarts, he’d had James, Sirius and Peter to help him through the transformations, but things weren’t always so convenient now that they had all joined the Order. Missions and meetings often got in the way and Marlene found herself doing the same regularly each month for her werewolf friend.

After she had packed Sirius’ clothes along with a few bars of chocolate, a couple teabags and a some sandwiches she had made, she closed her eyes and apparated to Remus’ apartment. Marlene arrived at his doorstep with a loud 'crack!' and immediately checked to see that she hadn’t lost any body parts in the process. Though she was fairly good with her magical traveling, she was also secretly a bit paranoid. Perhaps it had to do with her insecurities of her skills.

Bringing a closed fist up to the door while holding the bag of offerings in her other arm, she knocked on against the hard surface loudly. “Oi, Lupin!” she called out. “Chocolate delivery! You still alive in there?” She dropped her hand and waited patiently, hoping he wasn’t feeling too terrible.